Thrive! Pursuing Individual Growth

July 2, 2018



As a professional it is easy to get lost in the day to day responsibilities at work. Some people get so focused on their work that they forget to have a work-life balance. How much growth do you expect in a five year span? How are you developing into a more knowledgeable professional? Individual growth in my opinion is more than a promotion at work. It helps increase quality of life, work towards your aspirations, increases knowledge, and develops potential and talent. We should never be stuck in a position where we can't control our own destiny.  Here are a few tips to help you pursue individual growth. 



Identify Your Why   


Your why is the best motivation to start pursuing growth. Why you do the things you do. Why it matters to continue growing. This purpose is powerful. It drives you. Its momentous in your success in your career. Once you have identified your personal why, it is a lot easier creating a vision and a plan to grow. 




Say yes

It is important when you make a decision to stick with it. Say yes to growth, say yes to being dedicated. You much choose to grow. No one can make this decision for you or convince you to do it. By saying yes, you are committing to achieve your dreams regardless of outside support. 


Strategize with Managers/Mentors

We must develop growth path that aligns with department goals. Once you see how your growth can be beneficial with your team, communicate that vision with your manager. Being able to discuss the benefit of your growth with the department will help you receive support from your company. Having a mentor also helps create a vision. A mentors experience will give you better insight on the different steps and direction to take. 






Ask for Financial Support

My steps for personal growth include books, conferences, and some seminars. These things can be costly. If your company buys-in to your pursuit of growth, this is a great place to start.  I would find conferences or seminars that are similar to your position with the company. If you want to go a different route, there are other people that will donate and support you. Be willing to invest in yourself if you don't receive financial support initially. Sometimes seeing an individual invest in themselves motivates others to also get involved. 




Never Give Up  

Growth is never supposed to be easy. It should be uncomfortable. If success were to be easy, wouldn't everyone have it? Obstacles will continue to pop up to deter you from your goals. At this point, I would suggest you reread the list. Supporters will vary and at different times, any of the key players may change. Make the decision that you want more set goals. The fact that you have read this blog lets me know you have what it takes. You can do this! Thrive!

















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