Corporate Success: The Entrepreneur Mindset

June 20, 2018




There are a variety of philosophers and motivational speakers who teach positive thoughts yielding positive results. Variations of this philosophy attribute thoughts and attitude which act to change our behavior and the way we view our circumstances. Whether an employee or an entrepreneur, your mind frame impacts your outlook on life, career, and overall happiness. In business, many employee's consider themselves as such, while a small few take complete ownership and work with an entrepreneur attitude. The difference is deeper in the meaning of both, but can easily be identified by engagement, work ethic, productivity, and company buy-in.




Corporate entrepreneurs support company goals and growth. They embody a different perspective that focuses on making the company successful, while being incentivized with personal growth within the company, with no outside motivational factors. These employees have the ultimate buy-in. This passion based temperament can be used to motivate others to 'own what you do'. Many companies who don't have corporate entrepreneurs usually have a corporate heirarchy, which usually focuses solely on keeping people in their respective places when it comes to decisions and implementing changes. The mind set of entrepreneurs is organic and can definitely come off as threatening to others. Many hiring managers look past candidates that they feel threatened by especially if they've expressed a passion to grow. This is a great example of thinking as an employee instead of an entrepreneur. The latter embraces people with a similar passion and understand in order to grow you have to have someone to replace you. 



It is important to remember each person has a role to play for a company, the mind set we are distinguishing is about the way each person embraces and performs their job. Loyalty and dedication can come from both someone with either work attitude. There is just a difference in someone who will take your company or department as their own. Not every person wants the responsibility of running a department or company. And you will always have those players who like where they are and don't want to grow or change. Every company needs them. But it's important to be able to identify each person, the role they play, and which type of perspective they have for their job. You don't want to lose exceptional people because you were unable to help them grow and learn. 



The corporate mindset of the most productive employees is that of an entrepreneur. It is imperative to identify them and help promote their growth in your company. These employee's seek opportunities for growth and have an aligned vision with the company. They are of value to the companies success and culture. Most successful companies have programs set up to identify and develop leaders internally. If your company does not have the resources for these types of programs, you can start by cross training, job shadowing, interning, or investing in their growth. Getting engaged with the team is the best way to make sure you are not hindering the growth of any individual. Communication is the best way to get started.






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